Jewelled Eyebrows: Would You? Could You? (VIDEO)

Chanel Paris 2012Paris Fashion Week is often the most daring of all the fashion weeks in the world's major cities.

And Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld has lived up to that reputation, sending out some of fashion's most famous supermodels wearing rhinestone eyebrows.


Rhinestone eyebrows.

The brows were apparently meant to evoke a space-age, alien planet and its super-skinny inhabitants.

Models like Miranda Kerr walked a runway that looked like, as one reporter put it, the planet Krypton.

I personally suspect, though, that Lagerfeld designed the outrageous set, stark hairdos, and crystal eyebrows to distract from the clothes.

What do you think?


I mean, look at this outfit.

It looks like it was designed for my 87-year-old grandmother, and frankly, she wouldn't wear it. It's too shapeless. Too frumpy.

The rest of the collection, as you can see in these photos, wasn't much better. Some of the fabrics were pretty, but the cut of the clothes was awkward and lumpy. If I'm going to drop a few thousand on an outfit, I want it to make me look graceful, not gawky.

As for the brows, Chanel isn't the first to show off this bizarre look. Christian Dior was doing it back in 2009.

Crystal Body Tattoos

And you can even buy your own set of crystal eyebrows from Crystal Body Tattoos.

Or see how to make the look your own on YouTube. You'll need a translator for this vid, though.

Could this be the next big trend in eyebrows? Or could it at least be my next dare???

What do you think of Chanel's rhinestone eyebrows?

Image via Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images, Crystal Body Tattoos

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