Kanye West Designed High Heels & They're Hilariously Expensive

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kanye west high heelsRemember back in the beginning of the year when Kanye West and his company DONDA announced their plan to take over the world? Good times. Kanye promised us that he and his company would "simplify and aesthetically improve everything we hear, touch, taste, and feel," so naturally, many of us have waited with bated breath for Mr. West to revolutionize our five senses. The wait, in some respects, is over because the high heels that Kanye designed were put on sale in a Paris boutique, which means we're now all able to buy a piece of Kanye's vision that will, no doubt, change us to our very core.

Or, err, not. The heels, which Kanye collaborated on with shoe-designer Giuseppe Zanotti, are not only not that cute, they're footwear that will cost you more than an arm and a leg to get into in. Wait 'til you hear how expensive they are.

They're not $400, which would be ridiculous, or $1,000, which would be insane, or $2,000, which would be laughable ... they're $6,000.

At that price, I'd hope there'd be some diamonds on the soles of the shoes, but alas, it looks like they're made with your standard materials of leather, rubber, and fabric. There's some lovely beading, and I happen to like the white anklet things at the top, but I have a feeling the only person who'd be interested in actually buying a pair is that insufferable Dana Wilkey from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Can't you just hear her say, in that raspy voice, "Can you believe it, Camille? Kanye's shoes. They're $6,000. Ha ha ha."

Other than Dana, not really thinking anyone else will want a pair.

Even if you were super rich, would you buy these heels?

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lifeh... lifehappy

Dude, gimme some heels from WalMart, a sweater from Goodwill, a can of spray paint, a bag of dried Northern beans, and a hot glue gun...I'll make those shoes and have them pinned in, like, 5 minutes. $6,000...harumph.

2love 2love

Lol if that's his expensive shoes he needs Tim gun on speed dial to fix that mess ASAP! Gag!!!

nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

Those shoes are not cute. Of course, some person will buy them because kanye west made them. I wouldn't buy a thing from him. He's such a douche.

bills... billsfan1104

Those are fugly shoes. I love shoes too.

the4m... the4mutts

THOSE? No. They look like cheap pieces of knock-off-crap sold at kmart.

Even if they were $20, I wouldn't buy them.

sofia... sofia0587

Those shoes are disgusting! $6000? Really I wouldn't even pay a pennie for those.

nonmember avatar kick me

Lifehappy, where should I send the materials? No, I wouldn't pay 60 for them. 60 is my limit to the most I will spend on 1 pair of shoe. Those heels are ugly. Kanye has a big ego.

Alma45 Alma45

I think they're hot, and I love Kanye immensely (so much so that I'm getting a quote of his tattooed on me), but 6 grand for heels? Naaah.

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