Under-Eye Skin Problems: What's Your Solution?

FlickrI love sharing beauty and fashion advice with all of you ... but now I need your help.

Over the last few weeks, the delicate skin just beneath my eyes has gotten very dry. I've tried every eye cream I have on the area (including some super-expensive samples), but nothing's really helping. In fact, it's only making things worse -- I woke up this morning with PUFFY skin under my eyes and darker-than-normal circles.


That's why I need your help. How do you keep the skin around your eyes moisturized? What do you do about dark circles under your eyes? And how do you eliminate that puffiness FAST?

Let me know in the comments!

Here are some remedies for puffy eyes that I've found online:

  • Drink plenty of water to clean out your system.
  • Place two slices of cool cucumber on the eyes for several minutes.
  • Moisten two tea bags in cold water, chill them in the refrigerator, and place them over closed eyelids for several minutes.
  • Refrigerate 4-6 spoons, place on eyes for a few minutes. As each spoon warms, replace with another.
  • Whip 1 or 2 egg whites until stiff and apply with a brush underneath your eyes.

As for the undereye circles, I see a lot of products on the market, but I wonder if any of them really will get rid of the problem.

I'm pretty sure the cause of my under eye problems is allergies. Everything's beginning to bloom around here, and I notice I've been more tired and stuffy-nosed than usual. Eye problems seem like another likely allergy symptom.

But I do want RELIEF.

Any suggestions? What have you tried personally to combat puffy eyes and dark circles that has actually worked?


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Melis... Melissa042807

More sleep. :-) But when that's not possible: A cold compress (spoons, a washcloth, cucumbers, whatever you feel like), the right eye cream (I've used Artistry's since I was a teen and love it), a gentler eye makeup remover (I just use baby shampoo, but olive oil also works well and is moisturizing). 

For the dark circles, unfortunately sometimes all we can do is cover them up. But instead of caking on the concealer, use just what you normally would, and then with a stiff eyeshadow brush sweep just a hint of flesh-toned shimmer eyeshadow onto the darkest areas and the inside corners of your eyes. Always works for me. :-) And not too shimmery either. Just barely. 

Marsh... MarshaCWP

You could be having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the eye creams.  I would try a single-igredient oil, like olive oil or just plain vegetable oil.  Dab a bit of that on and see if it helps.  If it doesn't clear up, you may need to go to a dematologist.  it could also be a symptom of some underlying illness.

Stacey. Stacey.

The cold spoons work for puffiness since the cold constricts your blood vessels.

 For hiding dark circles (ive yet to find a way to actually get rid of them) its important to neutralize the purpleness before concealing, as in apply your foundation, then a yellow base cream, them your regular concealor (make sure it's your actual skin tone, or you get reverse raccoon look). Otherwise you're bound to end up with gray circles.

Stacey. Stacey.

As far as the dryness, nothing has worked better for dry skin than some good old Vaseline.

nonmember avatar Suze

Start using Albolene to remove your makeup... its a cold creme eye makeup remover and it keeps that sensitive skin sooo healthy. I've been using it for years - I used to have the same problems as you are having when I was using liquid eye makeup removers. I found they are way too harsh. Good luck! (you can get a big jar of it at Walgreens for 8$, it will last you a year!)

nonmember avatar Boo

I've never tried it myself, but had heard that make-up artists use preparation H to reduce the puffiness under eyes.

Jross155 Jross155

Under eye circles are the worst!!  Two things I have changed recently have helped.  Cut down on caffeine.  I love me some coffee but too much caffeine causes dark circles.  I could give you a really scientific reason, but I can't remember.  Also, I have tried several eye creams, even fell for the hydroxatone ads where they paint black circles under the women's eyes.  I love Dr. Brandt's dark circles away.  It has an eye roller with the cream.  It has worked for me.  If all else fails, really large sunglasses work wonders.  If people ask why I am wearing them, I tell them I was just at eye doctor and I had my eyes dilated.


hope this helps


Jen Ross at http://dontwearsweats.com/

sugar... sugarmama82

Sunglasses. Just kidding, hope you find a good working solution!

a.wright a.wright

I have the worst dark circles under my eyes. I found Kandee Johnson's youtube and she has all sorts of makeup tricks - including one for undereye circles! It really does work and I use her trick every day of putting the concealer on in a triangle shape. Check it out!

Lovin... LovingKentucky

Clinique All About Eyes Serum is my best friend for keeping the areas around my eyes moisturized & not puffy (and it works super super fast!) 

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