The Leather Harness Belt: Will You Try This Trend?

ASOSBloggers are rhapsodizing over at MTV's style blog about the affordable harness belts up for sale at ASOS right now.

Featured on the fall 2012 runways of several major fashion designers, the harness belts, until now, had been a trend only available to the super rich.

But now, ASOS is bringing this craze to the masses, with harness belts as low as $29.

Does this mean we're going to start seeing these things on the streets in, like, OHIO?

Oh please, God. No.

I'll show you some more harness belt options after the jump, but in the meantime, what do you think of this new trend?

ASOSYou can get a colorful take on the trend with this Leather Stud Detail Harness (ASOS, $71.62).


ASOSOr try out the look for cheap with this leather look Harness Belt (ASOS, $25.07).


ASOSKeep the girls in place with this 4 Strap Pastel Harness Belt (ASOS, $28.65).


ASOSThis is the only harness belt (ASOS, $32.23) that I think could work -- It can give a nice waistline to a shapeless dress.

All in all, though, I'M HORRIFIED.

How about you?


Images via ASOS

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CBrow... CBrownrockhound

I am going to guess this will trickle down into normal people fashion as stripes on tops and dresses. Maybe even some sewn on detail. You will probably not see the actual belts on the streets except for maybe in NYC. I kinda like it, but you have to be rail thin with a pair of A's to pull it off. I have a big enough pair of ladies I couldn't even pull off the long necklace trend, lol.

Rhodin Rhodin

It's a bit expensive for cosplay.

Kayla... KaylaMillar

Oh man. Just not for me!

dusky... dusky_rose

They look like some part of a cotume from Star Wars or something like that.

mille... millerbunch

i think they are ridiculous.. and the model really needs a new expression.

dixie... dixiechick2

Umm, NO! I work on a school bus with special needs children and young adults, and some of them HAVE to wear a harness to keep them in their seats.

Maken... MakenzieG

Yeah the two corset-y belts could be fun with the right outfit, but the other make me feel like going into battle, Rambo style. Or you know, I could just let my boyfriend attach a leash to them to make sure I don't get lost...

What will they think of next?

mjima... mjimaging

Ugh! What are they thinking!

Mrs.P... Mrs.Pool2Be

It reminds me of the harnasses parents use on their little ones when they are out in public or even a harness you would put on your pooch.  Where's the leash??  :-)

Definitely not a style that I would wear.

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