I Wore a Booty Pop in Public! (VIDEO)

Booty PopWho hasn't wished they had a little more junk in their trunk (besides me)?

Thank God there's the Booty Pop -- padded underwear that gives you a more shapely derriere -- and apparently, a penchant for oversized lollipops!

You know I couldn't resist this dare -- I wore the Booty Pop out in public to find out what people thought of the new and improved me!

Check out the video after the jump.


Yep, some thought the Booty Pop was just what my deflated backside needed -- but I won't be wearing my pair again. Here's why ...

The pads are made of cheap foam. If someone were to touch that foam, inadvertently or not, it would become all too clear that you were wearing butt pads.


That's just embarrassing.

Also, the guy who said my butt looked sort of angular was absolutely right. In darker lighting, my rear end looked nicely rounded, but in brighter light, you could tell something was going on back there that wasn't altogether natural.

I don't know about you, but I don't really like the thought of people wondering whether I'm enhancing my butt.

However, this trend is only getting bigger. Spanx recently came out with its own version of the Booty Pop, called the Booty Booster.


For $68, according to the Spanx website, "you can achieve the look of a naturally round rump thanks to this highly constructed, booty-enhancing design with optional butt-lets that add a 'cheek' size!"

Mkay. Expect padded butts to be appearing soon at a mall/restaurant/nightclub near you.

What do you think of the Booty Pop?


Images via Booty Pop, Spanx

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