Kate Middleton Will Always Outshine the Queen (VIDEO)

kate middletonEven when she's trying to look a bit more demure, Kate Middleton always manages to turn heads and totally steal the spotlight. And for an outing in London to the Fortnum & Mason department store, Kate definitely looked like she was going for a more subtle vibe. You know -- because she was accompanied to the store by Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess Camilla and didn't want to outshine them with her fab good looks.

But unfortunately for the elder royal ladies, Kate didn't really succeed in making herself look any less extraordinary. I think it's pretty safe to say that she will always stand out as the queen of the group, no matter who is standing beside her. And while Queen Elizabeth probably doesn't give a fig about who looks the most stylish, it has to burn Camilla up just a tad.


You have to admit that it's kind of cute that Kate, Camilla, and the Queen coorindated their outfits to complement each other, but not be too matchy-matchy. But out of the three shades of blue they chose for their girls' day out, Kate's was definitely the most complimentary. It went perfectly with her hair and skin tone, and the shade of her heels was a terrific contrast to the coat. And it's pretty obvious that Kate chose that particular coat for a very good reason. If I had legs like that, I'd show 'em off every chance I got, too.

Camilla's look was a bit on the heavy and dark side, considering that we're approaching spring, but then again, she kind of always looks like that. I'm not sure she's ever really nailed the whole "appearing softer" thing. And Queen Elizabeth looks like -- well, Queen Elizabeth. I think she must own that same exact suit in every single color of the rainbow. But the yellow one she wore to Kate and Prince William's wedding was definitely the best.

One thing's for sure, Queen Elizabeth may be in charge of the royal family, and Camilla may be in line to be queen once Prince Charles takes over the monarchy, but something tells me that no matter who actually holds the throne, all eyes will still be on Kate Middleton.

Take a look at the video clip below of Queen Elizabeth II walk in and greet guests at a media reception followed by Camilla, and then Kate. Notice how the excitement of the people in line changes the minute Kate comes in!

What is your favorite look that Kate has worn since her wedding?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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