Makeup Free Friday: Jessica Alba's Post-Baby Casualness

jessica albaRight after you have a baby, getting photographed in gym clothes probably isn't high on your to-do list. You may still feel a little puffy, a little soft, a little out of shape, and a lot tired. Nothing like a 1-month-old to really bring out the bags under your eyes.

That's why when Jessica Alba stepped out to the gym four weeks after giving birth to her second daughter back in September, it was kind of a watershed moment for new moms everywhere. If Jessica, a woman who arguably makes a living from her talent as much as she does from her good looks, can head out in public makeup free and in a sweatshirt and yoga pants and look good doing it, so can we.

Well, maybe we won't look Alba good, but good nonetheless. Because hey, nothing wrong with letting your natural new-mom glow shine through, right?


That, plus a little bit of workout sweat never hurt anyone.

I just like how Jessica is kind of like "And? So?" as the paps take her picture. She's a style maven by most counts and usually looks terrific on and off the red carpet, but a lot us can relate to and are familiar with throwing our hair in a pony, tossing on some sweats and some chapstick, and running out the door to get things done. And there's nothing wrong with that. Going makeup free can be as liberating and beautiful as it is convenient.

What was your beauty routine like the first month after you gave birth?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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