Moms Shouldn't Let Kids Kill Their Fashion Sense

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jessica albaHow many of you swore up and down that you weren't going to let being a mom ruin your sense of style? No matter how hard we try to avoid it, I think it's safe to say that the majority of women fall into a bit of a fashion slump after welcoming children into the world. Let's face it -- babies kind of steal your beauty while you are pregnant, and then kids just seem to have a knack for making it next to impossible to put together a trendy look.

Most moms I know fluctuate between two specific styles on any given day of the week -- incredibly frumpy or totally safe. Let me guess -- as you are reading this, you are either wearing yoga pants and a hoodie while sitting at home, or you are at work wearing a standard pair of black pants, and either a basic 3/4-sleeve top or a camisole paired with a matching cardigan. Sound about right?

I don't know what exactly makes us flip the switch on being adventurous with our style choices after our little ones arrive, but moms really seem to have an innate desire to want to stay away from wearing anything that is remotely risky. It's almost like we think that we aren't allowed to stand out in a crowd -- or we are just way too afraid of being noticed. But honestly, we shouldn't think that way at all. If anything, we should celebrate our individuality and show off our personal sense of style even more.

In order to get the ball rolling on stepping out of our comfort zone as far as traditional "mom style" goes, we can take a few cues from celebrity moms who aren't the least bit afraid to experiment and take risks with their looks. Just look at Jessica Alba, for example. If I had to choose between purchasing a pair of hot pink jeans versus a pair of your standard blue ones, odds are good that I'd play it safe and go with the blue. But look how amazing and fresh she looks by having that gorgeous pop of color sticking out from under her coat. Those pants give her just the right amount of edge to make her look like she has a leg up on the fashion world -- no pun intended.

Another celeb mom who I've always really envied for her classy, yet chic mom style is Reese Witherspoon. She always looks so put together and doesn't wear anything too revealing, yet her outfits are always current, and a bit on the flirty and youthful side.

reese witherspoon

If moms like Jessica and Reese aren't afraid to step out of the box a little when it comes to style, then we shouldn't fear it either. Who says that we have to have an A-list status to pull off looking trendy and cute while doing the school run?

Has having children ruined your sense of style, or do you feel even more fashionable now?


Images via Pacific Coast News

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mamav... mamavaness

More fashionable lol :) but I am in yoga pants right now so50/50.

Mamai... Mamainthemiddle

My kids have never ruined a thing, and I think we should all really be upset if anyone ACTUALLY believes some things shouldn't be sacrificed for our families. I am totally cool not spending as much on clothes, hairstyling or make up now that I have kiddos. My choosing to be less "stylish", and more responsible helps keep my family financially secure. The best is that I dont have to feel guilty about how the money could have been better spent. Yeah...Im definitely less stylish than I used to be but now I'm a grown woman. At this point in life im glad I draw my value from my life and not my appearance, because seeing my kids success as a reflection of my hard work and choices is WAY more healthy than worrying about my ass no one need look at. Im married. :)

Mrs.C... Mrs.Crain

Guilty: Black slacks and a shrit with a sweater over top :) lol

the4m... the4mutts

Nope. I am MORE in style now, *though I am fashion inept* than before I had kids. I love going to my kids' school. I'm one of the younger moms there at age 28, and I'm one of the more fashionable. I love hearing my kids say "my friends think you're so cool!"

Granted, I don't LIVE for approval from 6-8 year olds, but I'm glad I'm not too boring to be noticed!

Maggie Kolb

Black blouse, black and white scarf, jeggings, and black boots with crazy Geisha girl earrings.

And totally on a budget that is responsible for my family.

nonmember avatar kick me

I am wearing fashionable socks from the Gap with my scrubs and clogs. Outside of work I love to dress up when going out. I make sure everything is on point. I make sure I look as put together as my son. When you look your best you feel good. I am not superficial at all.

nonmember avatar kick me

I would choose the blue over the hot pink jeans. I don't like hot pink.

elasmimi elasmimi

Having kids didn't ruin my sense of style, but old age did. It's hard to look stylish while wearing "support shoes"

Aeris... AerisKate

Having kids didn't ruin my sense of style directly.  I could choose to dress better than I do, but I choose not to - since I'm at home all day with two little kids, I don't see a need to get all fixed up.  Why do I need to wear some stylish clothes (that I can't currently afford) just to play and read to my kids?  Also, we had to give up some things to afford for me to stay home, but I would not trade this opportunity for anything.  If I have to look frumpy to be home with my kids, I am okay with that. 

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

It depends on the day.  I try to stay up on the current trends.  My daughters heartily approve of my clothing choices.

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