Rihanna’s Outfit Is All Sorts of Confusing Here

RihannaAfter futilely spending the last 10 minutes trying to come up with a clever way to start this post, I'm just going to come out and say it: Rihanna's outfit is ri-God-damn-diculous in this picture. The singer was snapped leaving a London hotel the other day wearing an outfit that can only be described as the illegitimate child of the Gap, an S&M shop, and Champs.

Individually, the pieces she's wearing are great. But together, they make her look coconuts. Why is she wearing two denim shirts? And is the one that's tied around her waist underneath her shorts? Methinks it is.


Rihanna's a lovely girl, and even though her style tends err on the side of "edgy," she's always on trend. And that's great, we love looking to celebrities to see what's up in the fashion world. But we don't like looking at celebrities who are wearing every single trend -- spikes, denim, thigh high Louboutins -- all at once. 'Cause we don't get it.

If Ri-Ri would have just worn the shorts with, like, a plain black top and black heels (or gold flats), great. If she would have worn just one denim shirt with a pair of black pants, gorgeous. If she would have worn the baseball cap with something more casual, like sweatpants and a grody t-shirt, awesome. But everything all together, it's just too much. Even for Ri-Ri.

(And, seriously, I really don't get the denim shirt under the shorts thing. Can someone explain?)

Do you like Rihanna's outfit?


Image via Splash

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