Ke$ha’s New Metallic Hair Looks Like Airport Security Nightmare

ke$haKe$ha is celebrating her 25th birthday today with metal studs sticking out of her head. The "Tik Tok" singer who's known for her Garbage Pail Kid style tweeted a photo of her new hairdo yesterday and all I can say is: ouch.

It appears that she shaved the side of her head and had a sadistic stylist glue rows of spikes to her scalp.

It's not exactly how I would choose to ring in my quarter-century mark, but then again I also don't bathe in yesterday's glitter, have a dollar sign anywhere in my name, nor do I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack.


Needless to say, we make very different fashion and beauty choices.

I just hope Ke$ha's not planning on flying anywhere for her birthday because getting through airport security with those metal weapons affixed to your noggin is not going to be easy. I was once detained, detained, because of a "sharp" necklace in my purse. And trust me, I look way less threatening than Ke$ha. So yeah, she should avoid airports for the time being unless she likes windowless rooms and mouth-breathing TSA agents.

Also. How's it going to feel when it comes time to rip those things off? That's not going to be fun. Her poor, poor skin. Unless those things are glued on with confectioners' sugar, it won't be fun times peeling them off.

But all that probably doesn't matter to Ke$ha -- she's made a name for herself by updating Blondie's look from the '80s, making it dirtier, shinier, and just a smidge more out there. Her style probably accounts for more of her popularity than her music does, which I suppose is a sign of some sort of brilliant marketing platform, so it's no surprise that Ke$ha's gluing spikes to her face. She's gotta stay relevant somehow.

What do you think of Ke$ha's new metallic hairdo?

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Photo via Ke$ha/Twitter

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