You Won't Believe What Women Will Do Under Their Desks At Work

lipstickI once read a survey that claimed that a third of American women won't leave the house without their makeup on. As a mother who is just happy to have a kid whose teeth are brushed and clothes on when it's time to get going most days, I'm going to be honest with you. The luxury of fixing one's self up in the comfort of my own bathroom is over-rated!

Those of us with too little time on our hands have perfected the art of getting our beauty rituals on anywhere but the house. Case in point: I carry tweezers everywhere because when you find a few seconds to pluck, you take advantage of them -- wherever you are. But a quick eyebrow grab at a stoplight has nothing on some of the crazy makeup fixes some of my friends have copped to. Trust me ... you have to read 'em to believe 'em:

  • Under my desk at work. I've also been known to floss under there too or even pluck an eyebrow hair here and there!
  • I was in the surgery suite waiting for surgery and the woman next to me (also waiting for surgery) was "putting on her face". I was like really? I was so amused by her. I had been in the hospital for weeks and looked it. She was there with her bling-encrusted slippers with her hair all styled trying to prop her compact mirror on her IV pole to reapply.
  • At a table in the middle of a busy cafeteria while everyone was eating around me.
  • In my boyfriend's bathroom while he was asleep before climbing back into bed (I swore people only did that in movies, but she admits it's true).
  • In the passenger seat of a car with a broken mirror flap. You try holding the flap up, keeping self steady, and putting on eye liner -- all at the same time!
  • Putting on lipstick during a flight while there was turbulence. There is a scene from Airplane that pretty much mirrored my experience.
  • The day I got married I sliced my finger open early that morning cutting a bagel. My good friend who was staying with me for the wedding came with me to the hospital for my stitches. Her makeup case came along as well ... not for me the bride who was about to get married, but herself! She put on her face in the hospital bathroom!
  • I see people putting makeup on during my subway commute every morning, sometimes in the evening as well. Not quick fix-ups either, we're talking foundation, mascara,  and multiple tubes and pots and brushes spread across their laps!

Can you top these? Where is the craziest place you've put on your face or at least done a little fix-up?


Image via gre.ceres/Flickr

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