Prince William Has Gotten Hotter Since Marrying Kate Middleton

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Drink it in, ladies.
Most of us have always loved Prince William. He's handsome, charming, cheeky, and g.d. royalty. What's there not to like? But ever since he married Kate Middleton in that quaint little ceremony last year, let's be honest, dude's gotten hotter.

Part of this can be attributed to the theory that when guys get girlfriends or wives, they automatically get more attractive due to the fact that A) they no longer reek of desperation (not that Wills ever carried such a stench), and B) they need to class it up a bit. It's no longer appropriate for them to go days without showering, months without deodorant, years without a haircut, decades without a new pair of jeans. But it can also be attributed to the fact that Duchess Catherine is actually in the process of giving him a mini-makeover. Like, legit.

According to the Telegraph, whenever Kate goes out shopping (which apparently is more often than we realize), she picks up a few things for William. She's often spotted at Zara and various department stores stocking up on duds for her man. I think it's cute. And I think that whatever she's doing is working.

Who knows exactly when Kate's "William makeover" began, but starting the day of their wedding, there was something just different about him. The white shirt and navy blazer he wore the day after? Sex-ay. He looked way more like royalty than a cute, frat boy. (Unrelated, during the half hour break I just took to Google Image William, I came across a photo of him with a beard. Yowza!)

Is it just me or is there something ever so slightly new and improved about him? I can't quite put my finger on what, but I really feel like there is.

I guess it could just be that newlywed/future king glow. Or maybe Kate is just a really good stylist.

Do you buy clothes for your lover? Do you think Prince William has gotten hotter since he's married Kate?


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Melis... Melissa042807

I dunno if he's gotten "hotter", but he sure looks happy with her and that goes a long way. 

My husband looks better now than when he did when we met. :-) He'll say it too! He's a weird size - it was really hard to find clothes for him even just a few years ago. But I helped him figure it out and now he's a decently snappy dresser! I love picking out clothes for him too. 

Torra... TorranceMom

My lover? I didn't think people actually used that word. I always associate it with that Rachel Dratch/Will Ferrell SNL skit. Yes, I buy clothes for my husband. Yes, William looks great but I've always been a Harry fan.

Marlio Conner

I think william has always been somewhat insecure deep down.  Kate fills that empty feeling and is a rock of security he has needed since his mothers death.  Thats just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Scarlet

He's not dressing any differently than he was prior to the wedding. The royal dude is getting subtle hair plugs done. What's *obvious* is he hasn't continued to LOSE hair since the wedding, when he got so balding so quickly in the 5 yrs before it.

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