Good News, Moms! Washing Your Hair Every Day Is Bad

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As much as we'd love to have a little more time on our hands for personal grooming, there are some days when it just seems impossible to find an extra few minutes to get all gussied up as a mom. Let's face it -- if we even manage to squeeze in a shower, dab on a little lip gloss, and throw on something other than yoga pants, then that day is pretty much considered a win as far as looking put together goes.

And when it comes to having ample time each day to wash, dry, and style our hair? Oh, please. That's a luxury that most of us will never experience again until our kids go off to college. But as it turns out, going a couple of days in between shampoos is actually very acceptable, and it's much better for your hair than washing it every single day

Hair professionals seem to agree that shampooing every day actually strips the hair of its natural oils, making it dry and more likely to break. And those natural oils actually condition your hair better than, well -- conditioner. Huh. I guess that everything has a silver lining -- even greasy strands!

Of course, we've all heard for quite some time from our stylists that we shouldn't be washing our hair daily, but how many of us have actually taken their advice? C'mon -- it's ok to admit that you just can't resist getting all shampoo-happy every time you step into the shower. I finally switched over to an every-other-day wash routine a few years ago, and I've definitely noticed a difference in the health of my hair since cutting back on shampoos. It's stronger, has a lot more volume, and even seems to be easier to style.

But aside from all the hair-healthy aspects of waiting a day in between shampoos, it's given me something that I value a whole lot more than bounce and shine. Saving a few extra hours a week of having to deal with my hair has given me back the time I need for all of the other things that I have to take care of on a daily basis -- and that's something that is totally worth running the risk of looking a bit greasy.

Do you still wash your hair every day?


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Melis... Melissa042807

When I straighten my hair, I wash it every other day. I like that I can plan to have 2nd-day-hair on days when I'm going to be squeezed for time. Then my showers are short, and all I have to do is fluff my hair and pin my bangs back. 

I also use a great natural, norishing shampoo and conditioner that have really improved my hair recently.

Amy Beckler Cseh

I think it's a little crazy to think theta someone can't find the time to shower and get cleaned up each day.  I have four kids and work out of the house every day and find the time.  I do it before the kids get up for the day and it works just fine.  30 minutes is all it really takes to get pulled together for the day.

banan... banana-bear

Having dark hair, I've always washed it just a few times a week. However, people with light hair really need to wash every day. That being said, there is this technique called "no-poo" where you eliminate traditiona shampoos altogether. I haven't been brave enough to try it yet, but I do know of success stories - so to speak.

Kritika Kritika

banana-bear I agree. I use conditioner only on the days I know I won't be blow drying my hair and I just scrunch it with cream and my hair gets that awesome soft beachy/wavy look. I have lower back length, thick, wavy, color treated hair and this technique has been a miracle worker. Looks like I spent hours with the curler! My hair has been much more shiny and healthy looking since I started doing that.

Mrs.C... Mrs.Crain

I was my hair every day on the week days-- But my weekend hair treatment fixes any blow drier damage and shampoo striping... Sunday afternoon I put V05 on my hair, from the ears down, then work it in real good and pull it into a bun or a french braid and sleep on it. Wash it out the next morning and condition really well and you have hair like SILK! *tip, heating the V05 after you've put it in your hair actually helps "activate" it*

Coles... Coles_mom

I have very thin and oily I HAVE to wash it everyday...sometimes twice. It's nasty and I hate it.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I have blonde, thin, long, oily hair...any tips for us greesey headed people?? I'd love to go a day with out shampooing

Elise48 Elise48

Nope, in the winter when I go straight I usually wash my hair twice a week unless I do something to get it particularly icky. It keeps the frizz down and saves me a ton of time. Plus it looks lots better on the in-between days. When it's curly, though, I can't figure out how to make it not look like I've been electrified on days when I don't wash it. So I unfortunately have to shampoo more often in the summer.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I never wash my hair everyday....I have thin n oily hair also but I just throw it in a pony.

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