Good News, Moms! Washing Your Hair Every Day Is Bad

As much as we'd love to have a little more time on our hands for personal grooming, there are some days when it just seems impossible to find an extra few minutes to get all gussied up as a mom. Let's face it -- if we even manage to squeeze in a shower, dab on a little lip gloss, and throw on something other than yoga pants, then that day is pretty much considered a win as far as looking put together goes.

And when it comes to having ample time each day to wash, dry, and style our hair? Oh, please. That's a luxury that most of us will never experience again until our kids go off to college. But as it turns out, going a couple of days in between shampoos is actually very acceptable, and it's much better for your hair than washing it every single day


Hair professionals seem to agree that shampooing every day actually strips the hair of its natural oils, making it dry and more likely to break. And those natural oils actually condition your hair better than, well -- conditioner. Huh. I guess that everything has a silver lining -- even greasy strands!

Of course, we've all heard for quite some time from our stylists that we shouldn't be washing our hair daily, but how many of us have actually taken their advice? C'mon -- it's ok to admit that you just can't resist getting all shampoo-happy every time you step into the shower. I finally switched over to an every-other-day wash routine a few years ago, and I've definitely noticed a difference in the health of my hair since cutting back on shampoos. It's stronger, has a lot more volume, and even seems to be easier to style.

But aside from all the hair-healthy aspects of waiting a day in between shampoos, it's given me something that I value a whole lot more than bounce and shine. Saving a few extra hours a week of having to deal with my hair has given me back the time I need for all of the other things that I have to take care of on a daily basis -- and that's something that is totally worth running the risk of looking a bit greasy.

Do you still wash your hair every day?


Image via Cam Switzer/Flickr

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