New Study Finds That Surprise! Women Think They Look Better With Makeup

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makeupHere's something that's not so shocking: a new study by the Harris poll has revealed that 44 percent of women feel unattractive without any makeup on; that they equate a bare face with unattractiveness. Hmm. Anyone else's socks not blown off whatsoever? This data doesn't surprise me in the least. Makeup was designed to make us look and feel better, when used correctly, that is, so I don't think it's a big deal to learn that almost half of us feel prettier when we use the stuff that's supposed to make us feel prettier.

I guess I'd be alarmed if the percentage was 85 percent or more; I suppose that would indicate some sort of national dependency on cosmetics and would let me know to buy stock in Maybelline ASAP, but as it stands at under 50 percent, I'm not dismayed, nor confused.

I'm not a heavy makeup wearer. I put it on before I leave the office if I'm on my way to happy hour or to dinner or something, but I don't wear makeup to work. I wear it on the weekends at night, or if I've got plans during the day, but I'll never "put on my face" to run errands or just lounge about.

Point is, even though I consider myself a low-fi kinda gal, I would still answer that yes, I feel like I look better with makeup. I don't necessarily think I'm ugly without it, but some tinted moisturizer, some blush, some mascara, and some eyebrow filler makes me look more awake, more youthful, and more attractive. Like, duh.

Makeup is a crutch for some women and for other's it isn't. My night wouldn't be ruined if I suddenly discovered I'd left my makeup bag at home, but I wouldn't be totally unaffected, either. I'd feel like I wasn't putting my best foot forward when I went out without the stuff. Makeup helps us look and feel good. It's what it does best. Apparently, about 44 percent of women agree with me.

Are you surprised by the study?


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Samal... Samallama

Yes I think I look better with makeup. I know it messes with my self esteem, thats why I try not to wear it as much as possible--because if I go a few days in a row wearing makeup all the time, the day I try to go w/o I feel awful about myself, like I need to hide my face, I'm not worthy or something. Its ridiculous!

nonmember avatar Laura

I don't wear make-up and I actually think I tend to look better without it, or just with very toned-down natural looking makeup if I am going to a special event with pictures to help with the camera. I am half-Lebanese, so I naturally have long thick eyelashes and naturally look a bit like I am wearing makeup already. I never put on mascara, because I don't need it and if I do put eyeliner on, it has to be grey and not black. I also have a nice natural color to my lips - I have actually had people ask me what shade of lipstick I wear.

nonmember avatar blh

Of course people look better without make up.....why do you think anyones wears it?

nonmember avatar blh

Of course people look better with make up.....why do you think anyones wears it?

chers... chersuego

I wear a little mascara and light blush to look awake and fresh. I don't feel the need to look like a French whore to look good.

cocob... cocobeannns

I feel better with makeup. I've struggled with bad skin for many years. It's hard for me to feel attractive without it, but I try not to wear it if I'm not going to work or an event of some sort. I like makeup that looks natural however and I only wear a foundation base and mascara.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

It's called self esteem. You have never heard a man say without my face I'm not pretty. I hate makeup if you use it on the regular it make you dependant on it. Your face is your face this is why so many girls think they need this and that to look good because the women in their life can't love themselves as they are and they pass their issues on to the next generation.

Melis... Melissa042807

I don't just think I look better with makeup, I know I look better with makeup! It's not a self-esteem issue. I just don't have pretty skin. I've actually toned down the amount of eye makeup I wear in the past year or so - I got for a more natural look and I like it. If I  had pretty skin, believe me, I'd go barefaced 24/7. But I don't. So I just make the best of it with makeup. 

easun... easunshine

I've only worn make up twice in my life-once a friend did it for her wedding, and once professionally done for my wedding. I prefer the way i look without. Plus one less thing to worry about.

Felly... FellyScarlett

They do studies on this stuff?

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