Kate Middleton as Fashion Judge Is a Brilliant, Horrible Idea

kate middletonEverybody and their mother are a fashion critic these days -- some with better reason than others (Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, wha?). But the latest person to take on the role of fashion reviewer is actually quite suiting -- and quite terrifying if you're on the receiving end: Kate Middleton. Oh, I'm totally serious. The Duchess of Cambridge is literally going to be the judge in a shoe design competition amongst fashion students from De Montfort University in England. And the winner? Well, their design is going straight onto Her Royal Highness's feet.


The visit and competition is to kick off Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee tour, which is celebrating her 60 years on the throne. Of course, everything's all in good fun, but, seriously, what better famous person to judge such a competition? Kate Middleton is everything in fashion right now. However, she also has really specific taste. Like, really specific.

Kate has been branching out a bit lately, what with her booties and all, but typically, she's known to rock her L.K. Bennet pumps. All the time. They're fantastic and go with pretty much everything, but they're also super safe and pretty conservative -- which means you'd think she'd opt for a pretty conservative, super safe shoe in the competition, right?

That's my only problem with Kate as a judge. As I said, she's certainly well-versed in fashion, but I wonder if she'll be able to look at the shoes with an objective eye. Hopefully she will, so everybody gets a fair crack -- but then again, she does have to wear them

Do you think Kate Middleton will be a fair judge in this shoe extravaganza?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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