Kim Kardashian Shows Us That a Little Black Dress Isn't Always Best

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Kim Kardashian OscarsWhat would Hollywood's biggest night be without some Kardashians, am I right? Although the klan was absent from the actual Academy Awards red carpet, Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney showed up to Elton John's Oscar viewing party. Wearing an all-black Alaia dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels, Kim looked ... OK. Yeah, I was a little disappointed too.

It's not that I don't love her dress. Really, I think it's cute. But come on -- Kimmy! We're talking about the Academy Awards here. This is your big chance to go balls-to-the-wall dramatic, and you choose to wear something that has a high-neck and covers all of your best, ahem, assets. Did I mention that this is Hollywood's BIGGEST night?

I guess you can go wrong with a little black dress, after all.

Usually, I'm so totally pro a LBD. They're the perfect option when you just don't know what to wear. But this time around, Kim's just isn't doing it for me. Where's the Kim Kardashian sex appeal we're so used to? I say since the girl's got it, she should flaunt it! When I think of Kim's personal style, I think of something so much more fun, flashy, and trendy. This whole look just didn't wow me like she usually does.

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Wasn't it just a few weeks ago when Kim wore that black boob-baring number to the Golden Globes? What about that blue Antonio Berardi number from the Clive Davis Grammy Awards pre-party? She looked so classic glam in both of those babies. I'd say either/or would have been a major upgrade to Kim's lackluster Academy Awards choice.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not saying that black is a red carpet no-no. There were a whole slew of Oscar attendees who kept things dark and looked fab. Did you see Angelina's leg dress? Or what about Glenn Close? Her blazer/gown combination was to DIE for!

Sigh. We still love you, Kim! Better luck next time. Something tells me that that my fave reality queen will shock fans very soon with something else much more wowtastic.

What do you think about Kim's Academy Awards look?

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Ama Montoya

she's a beauty that kim

Charise Softkittie Watkins

Kim could have done better on her look, her hair was not a hit at all and com on we all love black but that black dress was not an OSCAR winner, there is no Glitz or GLAM about that dress she wore it looked like an everyday dress u just pop out the closet to wear to a dinner, so she could have done better than that, SORRY KIM BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME....

nonmember avatar nic

shes beautiful

Annie Gouge'

I think she looked beautiful.......always does!! love her hair~~

nonmember avatar REshhia

always does!! love her hair nice

nonmember avatar Cman

She bears a strange resemblance to Elvira. Sounds like a viable career option for a woman of her dubious talents.

Marie Tyler Wiley

She looks great...and clearly her ego doesn't need any more over the top attention. She's comfortable with herself. Besides young writer...that isn't a little black dress...Not even close. It's simply a dress that is black and she wears it well. 

Eversnow Eversnow

She looks beautiful. She's not all hanging out like usual.

nonmember avatar Marcie

I'm so tired of this family. They're not talented and not all that attractive. Void all around. Her ass is as big as a landing strip at LAX airport.

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