J. Lo & Her Nipple Top Oscars Worst Dressed List

j loThe biggest controversy at last night's Oscars was not the Sacha Baron Cohen Ryan Seacrest ash dumping, nor was it the fact that Angelina Jolie's leg had a mind of its own and kept wandering out of her dress like a charmed snake, it was J. Lo's nipple. Come on. You saw it, I saw, it the Twitterverse saw it, I mean anyone with half an eye and some basic human anatomy knowledge noticed Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe malfunction.

Some say that it was a shadow, that we weren't really seeing areola, but I disagree. I think we were looking at a sliver of J. Lo's silver dollars. It wasn't bad, per se, but like, come on. What was that dress. As much as I love the J. Lo, she tops the worst dressed list.


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It's like she regressed back to the early 2000s when she was all about showing off her incredible assets any chance she got, like in that green Versace dress at the Grammys.

This Zuhair Murad dress is a devolution of her style and the fact that we may or may not have seen her nipple on the red carpet is just kind of sad. She's too good for that. And I'm not the only one who wasn't a fan or J. Lo's look -- E! host Kelly Osborne quipped that Jen looked like she was ready to host the Latin Grammys.

Our poor Jennifer was in good company with other stars who missed the mark last night. Penelope Cruz, one of the hottest women ever, looked downright matronly in her Armani Prive gown. Comedienne Anna Farris looked like she was wearing a wet garbage bag, and Natalie Portman's polka dots were not doing it for me. Also: not loving Missi Pyle's under-the-sea-themed dress.

Watch a compilation of the red carpet risks and sound off about who you think was worst dressed:


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