Angelina Jolie’s Naked Leg Was a Fashion Fail

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angelina jolie brad pittWhile Angelina Jolie always generates a buzz at the Oscars every year, at last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards, she actually managed to outdo herself a bit. You know -- with her right leg, which was awkwardly sticking out of her dress the entire night. Seriously, what was up with that?

Isn't the whole point of having a slit that goes up to your hip on the side of the dress basically to give the world a sneak peek of your gorgeous gams without being too revealing? Yeah -- Angie didn't get that memo. It's obvious that she wanted to give off the whole, "I'm so sexy" vibe like she usually does, but last night, she was just trying way too hard to flaunt what she's got. It was almost embarrassing to watch.

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For the life of me, I can't understand why Angie would think that she had to do anything other than simply show up on the red carpet to prove to the world that she's still incredibly gorgeous and a major sex symbol, even though she has six kids. And if sticking her leg out of her gown while posing for photographers wasn't desperate enough, she had to kick things up a notch as far as being awkward goes when she went on stage to present.

I honestly cringed (and laughed a little bit) when she got up to that podium and kicked her right leg out to show off her incredibly pale skin for the entire audience to see. But I guess that she accomplished her mission of standing out to the crowd, because people couldn't stop buzzing about her ghostly looking thigh for the entire night. In fact, Angie's right leg even has its own Twitter account with thousands of followers now. (For real!)

Finding the right balance as far as being sexy goes while still leaving a little bit up to the imagination can be a bit tough as a mom, but the worst thing you can do is make it way too obvious that sexy is what you're shooting for. And c'mon -- this is Angelina Jolie we're talking about. If she has to overdo the whole attempt at being sexy thing, then that really doesn't leave much hope for the rest of us.

Do you think that Angie's constant leg flashes were a bit over the top?

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linzemae linzemae

I agree! Entirely too much leg going on

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

My favorite part was when the winners of the award she was presenting got up and made fun of her pose. Classic.


Tippi... Tippi2112

She needs to put that stick away and go have a sandwich...or 12!

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

I was cringing the entire time she was reading out the nominees, and standing like that. She exposed herself last night as truly vain, fake, classless, and shockingly self-absorbed, which I used to really see her as beautiful and humble especially when she was speaking about her humanitarian efforts.

Also, Brad looked miserable and embarrassed! These two are losing the "Brangelina" appeal fast, and I can't help but think that Jen had a great time last night watching it all.

Leele... Leelee1008

She is a beautiful woman, here is no way around that, but, she is WAYYYYYYYY thin. She kind of reminds me of the girl from the nightmare before christmas, I cant remember her name, I think its mary, the one that is in love with jack skellington. yeah skeleton is the right word for it.

Leele... Leelee1008

Kwiat2  I was watching Live with Kelly this morning. Issac mizrahi was interviewing people on the red carpet, she totally ignored him and brad took a b line to excape her LOL. he talked to him until she pulled him away and then she kinda gave this half hearted Hello to him. Rude.

Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

I think it was the lack of leg that made me feel sorry for her xD We could probably make toothpicks out of her bony leg. And its Sally the girl from nightmare b4 xmas.

Leele... Leelee1008

Ms.PuNkrOckStar  thank you. I could not remember her name for the life of me. I had the Y right LOL

Leele... Leelee1008

I am watching the view, and Joy said she needs a canoli LOL

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