Brad Pitt's Beard Was the Best Accessory at the Oscars

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brad pitt angelina jolie oscarsLet's forget about Angelina Jolie's leg for a moment. In fact, let's forget about Angie altogether. Because on her arm was the best accessory at the 2012 Oscars last night. And that's Brad Pitt ... and his beard.

Yes, I mean his facial hair. It was peppered with grey, not overly cumbersome, and it was fantastic.

I think beards are the sexiest accessory a man could wear and Brad without one just doesn't do it for me. Moneyball is a great movie, but his smooth face in the film just isn't the Brad Pitt we all came to know and lust after. Give me a Brad circa his Kalifornia days when he was dating Juliette Lewis any day over the polished Hollywood type we often see.

He wasn't the only one sporting this hot men's accessory either.

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Did you catch Tom Hanks' major scruff? How good did he look? He's already one of my favorite actors ever (Forrest Gump! What a movie!) and him with a hairy chin makes him even more adorable than he already is. Plus, he's still married to Rita Wilson and they seem like such a great couple with good family values. Love it.

I was, however, quite disappointed in Zach Galifianakis. Too much trim there -- he's a big guy, he needs a bigger beard. Still, his cymbal bit with Will Ferrell made me giggle.

This facial hair fetish I suppose I have started when my husband and I first started dating. He shaved it all off and it made him nearly unrecognizable! (Okay maybe I'm being dramatic.) But the beard -- either a little scruff or full-on mountain man -- is a look I love.

If Jean Dujardin had a beard, I might have fainted.

Do you like your man with facial hair or without? What about Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks? Which look do you like better for them?

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dusky... dusky_rose

I like my man with facial hair. When he shaves it off he has a baby face. LOL Brad is looking good there!

Madel... Madelaine

He looks great!

Bmat Bmat

Brad looks good.  I prefer clean shaven though.

Rushn311 Rushn311

I think he looked handsome!!! Yum!

Chari... Charizma77

I like a little facial hair. I like it on Brad too.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Nope, I like my men clean shaven. :)

mille... millerbunch

it looks great.. as did Tom's

i like my hubby with his goatee and 'stash

Wish2Be Wish2Be

Brad knows how to clean up and dress for the event thats for sure !

MamaM... MamaMandee

Im not a big fan of facial hair. 

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