Makeup Free Friday: Elle Macpherson & Son Have Fun in Sydney

elle macphersonThe genetic gifts that Elle Macpherson was born with are limitless. The thick, long hair, the legs for days, the huge smile, and the sun-kissed skin -- everything about the Aussie supermodel is 100 percent enviable. However, she has her days, just like the rest of us. Case in point, this picture.

I don't think I've seen a worse photo of her. Don't get me wrong, her most terrible snapshot is still a thousand times better than my best one ever, and she still looks beautiful, it's just that I'm used to seeing her done up and wearing makeup.

Here, Elle was spotted wearing not a stitch of the stuff as she, her personal trainer, and her son Cy were out and about on a fun-filled day in Sydney.


The photographers said that she wanted to edit down some of the photos they'd snapped of her, maybe she specifically wanted to delete this one, but I don't think she has anything to hide. She still looks good. Maybe not "supermodel" good, but she looks terrific for 47.

And it's not like she was on the runway, she was taking her young son to the wildlife park and to the aquarium. As any mom will tell you, that's not exactly the most glamorous of outings and practicality will always outweigh any sort of vanity.

We all look a little tired and worn out after a day with a rambunctious 9-year-old, so Elle's in good mom company the whole world over. But, clearly, she still has us beat on the hair front. It looks as amazing as ever. I don't know what's in the water down in Australia, but whatever it is, it's doing wonders for her mane.

When you're out for a day of fun with your kids, do you usually wear makeup, or no?


Photo via Splash News

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