LeAnn Rimes' Red Carpet Look Is a White Hot Mess

leann rimesLeAnn Rimes attended the Hollywood Domino Gala and Tournament last night in L.A. and was apparently really excited about showing off her breast plate. The 29-year-old star wore a plunging white Tom Ford dress that exposed the better portion of her chest and torso. The dress itself is quite lovely -- I like the capped sleeves and pocket detail -- but LeAnn didn't really do the frock any justice.

She might be one of the few people in the world who can wear white and still look very, very slender, but a revealing dress on LeAnn is no surprise. She hasn't been shy about showing off her body recently, in the least. From Twit Pics of herself in bikinis to airport arrivals in see-through shirts to outfits like this, she seems more than willing to show more than we're really interested in seeing.


I suppose I'm starting to sound like some prude old granny -- cover yerself up, Miss LeAnn! -- but I can't help it. It's not her best look. She's a pretty girl but she's coming across so lost. So desperate. So weighed down about something. And this whole showing-off-her-breast-plate stuff -- is it just a way to make her feel better about herself or something? Maybe get some extra photos taken of her? I don't know, it's all starting to feel a bit tragic.

Furthermore (that's officially the first time I've used that word in a post), does she still sing? One of the first CDs I ever bought with my own money at Tower Records was her album, Blue. Those were the days. She was young and nubile and had the voice of an angel.

Now she's going to super lame parties in Hollywood (Domino Gala? Really?) and shoving her less-than-existent cleavage in our faces and wearing so much black eye makeup that you can't even tell if her eyes are opened or closed. 

The shoes, however, are hot.

What do you think of LeAnn's outfit?


Photo via Splash News

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