Kathy Ireland Became World's Richest Supermodel Because of Her Socks

kathy irelandSo ... Kathy Ireland, huh? Who knew that the National Lampoon's Deadly Weapon I star was actually the world's richest model? According to a new report, Kathy's sitting on an empire worth $2 billion, and her net worth is in the area of $350 million. For context, Gisele's in second place, and she's worth $250 million. Kathy has silently blown the competition away for years, raking in the dough and staying out of the spotlight.

She became famous in the early '80s and continued her reign as top model into the mid '90s. She was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for 13 years in a row and was the cover girl three times. After that ended in '96, Kathy designed some socks for Kmart, then some clothes, then some rugs, and the rest is cash money history.


Her apparel line for Kmart took off and pretty much set her career on a new track. She slapped her name on furniture, rugs, home goods, clothes, everything, and it sold. And she got rich. Then she wrote some self-help books and some children's books, starred in some C-list movies and TV shows, and laughed her way all the way to the bank.

Pretty amazing that a model who was so glamorous and sexy ended up making her career out of something as decidedly unsexy as socks and, eventually, housewares. Not bad for a model who's admitted to only barely making it through high school.

Kathy was certainly the original model turned mogul and women like Kate Upton should pay her some attention. If they don't want to be hosting style shows on Oxygen when they're in their 50s, they should talk to Kathy and figure out what they can do now to ensure that come the day their boobs hang low, they're sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars and not, instead, begging their agent for work. There's more money in socks than they'll ever realize.

So ... Kathy Ireland, huh? Who knew?


Photo via Splash News

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