Couple Has Shady Excuse for Buying Entire Jason Wu for Target Collection

jason wu for targetA few weeks ago, a shady couple angered Target customers (and bloggers) across the nation when they were caught buying out the entire Jason Wu collection from a Miami store. Messed up, right? Well, now one half of the couple, Kevin Wills, is saying that, for your information, he and his counterpart did not snatch up all the clothes so they can jack up the prices and sell them on eBay as everyone suspected they might do. They did it so they could give the duds to charity.

Wills articulately stated: "I like doing charity stuff. I like going to the ghetto and passing stuff out of my car. [I] didn't want to appease [people] by telling them that what I was doing was for charity."

So, see? We all got our non-Jason Wu panties up in a bunch for no reason whatsoever. Despite the fact that Wills does have an eBay store featuring tons of Wu goodies, he was just doing it for charity. Shame on us for going straight to the worst.


In order to prove that he's serious about philanthropy, Wills is actually throwing a charity event called "Wu There It Is." He put together fliers featuring him lying in a bed amongst all of his Target swag and everything. People just have to pay $10 for admittance and they're automatically entered into a raffle to win one of 14 Jason Wu for Target scarfs. And if $5,000 is raised before the end of the night, the rest of the clothing will be donated to Dress for Success. If not, everyone gets to shop the collection -- for face value, plus taxes. Seems completely and totally legit to me. Even without knowing where that $5,000 is going.

So, let this be a lesson to all of us naysayers out there. Just because somebody is ransacking a store, buying a highly-anticipated designer's discount collection, doesn't mean they're doing it to screw people over and make a quick buck. Sometimes they're just trying to help others out.

Here's the video of the couple buying the entire collection in case you missed it:

Do you believe a word this man is saying?


Image via zsoydaner/YouTube

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