Katy Perry Isn't Embarrassed of Her Mustache

katy perryKaty Perry's new look is really mannish and super hairy and I gotta say, I don't hate it. Katy looks awesome in a mustache and fat pads. The "Firework" singer is filming a guest spot on the Fox show Raising Hope, and by all accounts, she's playing a butched up prison guard who has a little trouble when it comes to upper lip hair removal. She's also got a problem when it comes to reining in that wild mane of gingerness. Point is, Katy looks nothing like her sexy self in this cameo, and for that, I salute her.

Katy's no stranger when it comes to sporting the 'stache. In fact, I might go as far as to say that she likes to. So naturally, I gotta ask: Which bristly Katy Perry look do you like best?


G'head. Let that top one soak in.

katy perry

And here's our Katy again, looking facially hairy as ever.

Katy's never shied away from attention and I love that her bold looks usually cause some kind of stir. Whether she's rocking blue hair or a Smurf dress or wacky nails or boob cones or a mustache, Katy always carries her look with confidence and a sense of humor.

It's kind of like she knows she looks ridiculous and is having fun with us, whereas someone like Nicki Minaj isn't really that tongue in cheek about her ensembles. Nicki does it for attention, but Katy does it for attention AND for laughs.

What do you like most about Katy's wacky style?


Photos via Fox and Pacific Coast News

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