Kate Walsh Proves Women Get Sexier With Age

kate walshYou know how everyone keeps saying that "40 is the new 30"? Some would roll their eyes at that, but Private Practice star Kate Walsh pretty much proved it by posing nude on the cover of Shape. Can you say va-va-va-voom? At 44 years young, Kate gives most 30-somethings (and 20-somethings too, for that matter) a run for their money with this shot!

The magazine's March cover really doesn't leave too much to the imagination, and Kate even admitted that she was a bit nervous about posing in the buff. But she also seemed to realize she is doing other women in their 40s a service by proving that age is only a number and inspiring them to be confident and happy in their own skin.


A lot of gals in their 40s are moms, and it can be so hard to feel sexy and beautiful after you've been through pregnancy, childbirth, and trying to keep up with the demands of being a parent. It certainly takes its toll on the body and can make you feel a lot older than the number of years you've been on the Earth. And even though Kate isn't a mom, this photo should serve as an important reminder that women in their 40s, with or without children, are still attractive and desirable

I'm about five years away from the big 4-0, but looking at that Shape cover inspires me to see the beauty in my own body instead of feeling like I'm too old to flaunt what I've got. Of course, I'm sure I'd feel a lot more confident about having my naked self out there for millions of people to see if I had a really good airbrushing team behind me the way she had. I seriously doubt they'd publish a cover photo if there were any visible lumps and bumps.

But nevertheless, Kate is a gorgeous woman, and it's highly likely that she looks just as good in real life as she does on the front of that magazine. She probably didn't even need much fancy editing to pull it off. And regardless of whether or not there was a lot of retouching involved, Kate's cover is such a refreshing change from magazines that feature models who have barely gotten through puberty. Regular moms need to see more women like Kate who have had their fair share of life experience -- and aren't afraid to tell the world they've still got it!

Do you think that Kate's cover photo is empowering to women?


Image via Shape.com

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