Camille Grammer's Jewelry Line Could Be Best 'Real Housewife' Spinoff Yet (PHOTOS)

Camille Grammer After this last season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer has got to be on top of the world. The woman went from being the show's token beyotch season one to being everyone's fave leading lady this time around. Now -- she's taking on a new venture to prove yet again that she's completely fine sans ex-husband Kelsey Grammer in her life. Teaming up with a few of her friends, Camille is diving head first into the jewelry business with her new line AMOREphosis

Is the name tacky? Yes. The designs? Not so much. In fact, a lot of them are totally cute! As in, I'd wear them as opposed to anything from that trainwreck collection OC Housewife Lynne Curtin came out with years ago.

I know exactly what Camille's gotta be thinking right about now: Take that, Kelsey! I mean come on -- this momma of two could really have a money maker at her fingertips. 

Take a look at some of our fave pieces from AMOREphosis:


AMOREphosis earringsFirst, let's start with the earrings. All of the AMOREphosis pieces are super collerful, which I love. Jazz up any neutral outfit with a hint of pizazz, like these sea green chalcedony earrings ($135) or the cherry quartz earrings ($65).

AMOREphosis bracelets

The splashes of color continue to their extensive collections of bracelets and cuffs. My favorite, the triple turquoise cuff (center, $895), is a whooooollllle lotta dough, but the aventurine bracelet (left, $75) and the turquoise bracelet (right, $75) are on the cheaper side and add the same touch of fun glitz.

AMOREphosis necklaces

For the grand finale: necklaces. From left to right, we have the sea green chalcedony necklace ($155), the turquoise necklace ($115), and the yellow quartz necklace ($105). I adore the yellow quartz one! I'm such a sucker for anything yellow, especially when it starts to get nicer out. Hello spring!

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The way I see it -- the only downfall to the AMOREphosis jewelry line is that it's a bit pricey. However, if you want Real Housewives caliber style, then I supposed you're gonna have to shell out Real Housewives-style dough.

What do you think of Camille's jewelry line?


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Image via Bravo TV

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