How to Get These Loose, Soft, Shiny Waves (VIDEO)

Sarah JamesBlogger Sarah James has the best hair of anyone I know.

When I see her at blog conferences, I'm always so envious of how glossy it is. And bouncy. And perfectly wavy.

That's why I was thrilled to find that Sarah has shared her hair secrets in a tutorial video, telling us not only how she uses a curling iron to get those waves (she shows us how with both clamp and clampless irons -- so nice of her!), but also the products she uses to keep her hair in that enviably shiny condition.

In the spirit of sharing, I'm passing this little gem of a video on ... after the jump!


The reason I found this video is that so many women were taking photos of themselves after using Sarah's technique and Tweeting her the results.

Trust me when I say that what she does works -- everyone looked fabulous!

I will definitely be trying her advice out for myself -- hopefully today!

And Sarah had better watch out. The next time she sees me, I might just have the EXACT SAME HAIRSTYLE. And I might have renamed this blog Hair Friday. And I might start a new personal blog called Phoorl.

Just kidding, of course! About everything but the hair, anyway ...

What about you? Will you try Sarah's tips for loose waves?


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