Jennifer Lopez Spices Up the Traditional Mom Uniform

jennifer lopezAs a mom, do you have a typical go-to outfit you immediately resort to for pretty much every casual occasion? My guess is that you do -- and odds are good that your look of choice on any given day is the same as the uniform most other moms in America are wearing at this very moment (not me, I swear). Let me guess -- your favorite everyday style consists of jeans and a T-shirt, right?

Jennifer Lopez may be an A-list celebrity and a total fashion icon, but even she likes to throw on a comfy pair of jeans once in a while. Of course, she is J. Lo, so she puts a fun twist on the standard look when she goes casual. Check out how she spiced things up at Carnival in Rio wearing this red hot pair of jeans!


I think it's safe to assume that Jen couldn't pull off a bad look if she tried, and this outfit was a total win for sure. The jeans hug her curves in all the right places, and the sparkly red top that she paired them with only makes the whole get-up even more flirty and fabulous. I'd even go so far as to say these clothes make her look a lot younger than she is. I mean, most women in their early 40s who are moms of twins aren't seen running around town in fitted red pants.

Lopez's look puts a fresh spin on the traditional "mom uniform," and the good news is that it's pretty easy for us non-celeb moms to re-create something similar at home. Gap sells a pair of legging-style red jeans that retail for $69.95. And if red isn't your thing, they come in lots of other fun colors too, like pink, blue, and purple.

Even if you don't have a sparkly sequined top in your closet, you can pull out the old stand-by black tee (c'mon, you know you have about 10), throw it on with brightly hued jeans, and you've got a totally updated look that isn't completely out of your comfort zone. After all, a little J. Lo goes a long way!

What's your favorite dressed-down outfit?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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