Even Dianna Agron Can't Pull Off This H&M Look

dianna agronWhen one of the prettiest girls on the planet shows up to an event looking old and frumpy, the stylist and a tricky mirror or two are usually to blame. But in the case of Dianna Agron at the Marni for H&M launch party, I think we gotta point a huge finger at the designer. Dianna's outfit was terrible. Decked out in a peach, calf-length pleated skirt and a carnation pink, ill-fitting faux-silk poof blouse, the usually gorgeous star of Glee looked dowdy. And lumpy. And weird. And I know that she's really regretting this look right now because, really, who wouldn't be.

Thing is, I had high hopes for H&M's Marni collection. I thought it'd be better than Jason Wu for Target, and a hell of a lot better than Versace for H&M. Needless to say, I'm sorely disappointed.


I mean, good grief. Dianna looks horrendous. The clothes are a full on disaster. And poor D wasn't the only one not looking her best ... Drew Barrymore, Jessica Chastain, and British actress Felicity Jones looked just as bad in the Marni for H&M designs they chose to wear.

I said back in November, when it was released that the Italian designer was teaming up with the mega retailer, that Marni for H&M needs to focus on accessories or the whole thing would be a flop. And this is a first for me, but I kinda think I was right. If the styles these celebs were wearing are any indication of how the line looks and fits, then it would seem that the wares are at best not that awesome; at worst, utterly unflattering.

If Dianna Agron doesn't look good in Marni x H&M, ain't nobody gonna be looking good.

What do you think of Dianna's Marni for H&M look?


Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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