Rihanna’s Birthday Outfit Was NOT What You’d Expect (VIDEO)

RihannaRihanna brought in her birthday in a not so traditional way yesterday. No no no, I'm not talking about the release of her two new songs with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown (eeeek), I'm talking about her outfit choice. Out to dinner in London with some friends, the 24-year-old singer opted for a fun furry look, wearing a flouncy white fur coat teased big blonde hair and a solid red pout.

But just wait until you see what's UNDER the jacket! In true Rihanna fashion, the queen of crazy opted for anything but the average cute birthday dress. I couldn't believe it!

See what Rihanna wore after the jump:


A black jumpsuit! Right, 'cause nothing says, "Hey it's my birthday and I feel like gettin' my groove on" like a black onesie. See Rih strut her stuff into the restaurant, here:

If someone were to ask me if I'd wear a long pants jumpsuit, I would immediately say no. I've always been under the impression you either need to be skinny as a rail or a diva like Kim Kardashian to look good in one of those things! But Rihanna shows us that, yes, you can wear a jumpsuit out and still look feminine and cute. That, and with the right accessories -- you can even look fierce. I need to get me some faux fur and massive gold hoops, STAT.

Let's be real though, this is a little tame for Rih. Come on, we're talking about the same girl who channeled her inner Big Bird at her perfume launch in London last year and has no problem baring her ridiculously toned assets at the beach. Whatevsies, she still looks bomb. Dare I say it: Could the black jumpsuit be the new little black dress?

What do you think of Rihanna's jumpsuit? Would you ever wear one?


Image via Splash/5minmedia

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