Pregnant in Heels: A Disaster Waiting to Happen (VIDEO)

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Lindsay FerrierReaders of this blog know very well that I'm completely opposed to pregnant celebrities wearing extremely high platform heels. (Jessica Simpson, I'm looking at you!)

So when it came time to take some dares, I decided I was morally obligated to put this one to the test.

I shouldn't have been at all surprised that this would be a true DARE GONE WRONG!! It is also one of my most embarrassing moments of all time -- and that's saying a lot!

Check out the video -- after the jump!

I have to admit, I'd had high hopes for this particular dare -- but when I put that fake belly on, my hopes were dashed to bits.

It. Looked. HORRIBLE. And there's nothing -- and I mean NOTHING -- more embarrassing than trying to fake a pregnancy with a dented belly.

If you've been thinking of wearing a misshapen, clothing-stuffed fake belly in YOUR hometown, well, I'd advise against it.

This was truly one of those moments when I hit rock bottom as a dare-taker. Yet I hope that my experience resonates with pregnant women everywhere. Let this be a lesson to you, ladies ... save the six-inch platform heels for the strip club!

And if you're faking your pregnancy and looking for a reliable fake belly, for heaven's sake: SPEND UP!!

What do you think of this DARE GONE WRONG?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Hahaha! That was very cute : ) you poor thing! I have to say this a little inaccurate due to 2 reasons 1. You had to hold your belly so your balance was off there and 2. Those damn celebrities in their heels NEVER walk very far, they have a car waiting for them at all times. So if I had a car waiting for me I would wear heels all the time : ) Its funny when people wear heels because it is impossible to wear high cute heels comfortably and walk in them for long distatnces. I wear uncomfortable cute heels when I know I will not be standing in them all night....but thank you for the giggle!

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I do feel bad for you, because I was embarrassed for you.

Side I weird that the thing on your lips in next week's preview actually looks like of cute to me?

Loref... Lorefield

I would never wear heels like that at any time! Anyhow though, I am absolutely not against pregnant women in heels. They can wear whatever they want.

nonmember avatar A

You seriously annoy the shit out of me.

nonmember avatar just saying

really this bullying on Jessica is getting too much.. anyone seen Hilary Duff wearing the 6 inch heels & wedges.. How about Beyonce? really its time to stop the bullying on Jessica.. She is a natural pregnant woman enjoying her pregnancy as are the others.. She looks no different then many other pregnant women out there.

Sidthe Sidthe

Ummm Victoria Beckham anyone??? Woman was walking in heels that high the whole time of her pregnancy and afterwards!!!

Melis... Melissa042807

That was too funny in a pitiful sort of way! I can't walk in those kind of heels anyway, and being pregnant right now myself I can honestly say that any heel higher than an inch would see me waddling ungracefully in an attempt to keep myself falling flat on my face. Heck, I waddle in FLATS at the moment! LOL I do have one pair of super-high wedges that are crazy comfortable - I got them last summer - but I'll avoid wearing them except on date nights after the baby comes this summer. 

I think the secret of all those celebs in super high heels is 1) they can afford the super expensive really comfortable shoes, and 2) in real life they're all short, so their center of balance is lower. It makes a difference. I swear it does!

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I dont think most celebrities shop at the stripper store for their shoes and while I had trouble with balance while pregnant, not being able to SEE my feet was a huge hinderance in sneakers, much less 6 inch heels. I'd give anyone a nasty look for endangering their belly like that...


louis... louise304

I walked in heel pregnancy.

Miz Kizzy

If you live in heels, as I did, it's much safer. Also, your body changes gradually, and you adjust. 

Seriously, leave it alone. 

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