List of All-Time Best Beach Bodies Will Happily Surprise You

scarlett johanssonWe're only about two weeks away from being bombarded by magazine covers that implore us to get "bikini ready" in time for summer. While it's obviously important to live a healthy lifestyle, the mags make it seem like if we're not showing off concave stomachs and toned legs, then we're some sort of beach failure who's never going to get a guy's attention. Ever. But according to a new study, that's just not the case.

A department store in the U.K. surveyed people to find out who has the top beach body of all time, and you might be surprised, nay, encouraged to find out who made the list. For starters, Christina Hendricks came in second. The number one spot went to this lovely lady, and no, she's not a Kardashian.


Marilyn Monroe topped the list, Kim K. was 4th, Scarlett Johansson was 8th, Beyonce was 12th, Tyra Banks was 13th, Rihanna was 17th, and Jennifer Aniston came in 19th. If you look at the full list, you'll see a surprising number of not-so-stick-thin women on it. No Kate Moss, no Kate Middleton, no Gisele, no LeAnn Rimes, no Victoria Beckham, etc. It would seem that women who are a bit curvier are the most attractive on the beach. Also, let's be real, most of these women also have amazing racks.

I just think this is something to keep in mind when you find yourself a bit stressed by the idea of strutting your stuff in a bikini in a few months. Showing off what you're working with is sexy. Nothing about your body needs to be perfect; in fact, a little jiggle or wiggle here or there seems to be highly desirable.

Take a page out of Marilyn's book, or Scarlett's, and embrace your hot bod. And if you're hungry, don't be shy. A ravenous woman is an amorous woman, right ScarJo?

What do you think of the findings?


Photo via Splash News

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