'Real Housewife' Kyle Richards Shows Us the Right Way to Wear Stripes

Kyle RichardsIs it just me, or does Kyle Richards go shopping like, every freakin' day. Hell, I guess if I had the awesome income of a Real Housewife, I would too! That is, only if I had a bazillion cute outfits I was just waiting to get photographed in. Lucky for Richards, that's no problem. The momma of four was spotted out in Bel Air yesterday looking fab as always with a whole slew of bags by here side.

But AHHH! RED FLAG: Horizontal stripes! Hello, doesn't Richards know that horizontal stripes supposedly make every and any woman look instantaneously bigger? I see horizontal stripes in the store, and usually go auto-pilot in another direction. I can't help it. Doesn't every woman want to look SLIM in what she's wearing?

But wow -- I'll be damned. Kyle looks pretty fly in her stripes. I guess there are a few dos and don'ts of wearing stripes, after all.


DO: Wear them with caution. If you like stripes, all the power to ya. I would just hold back from wearing them all day 'err day, you know what I'm saying?

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DON'T: Wear more than one striped item at once. If you're rocking a striped top, avoid striped pants. This one's sorta a no-brainer.

DO: Show a little skin. I do firmly believe stripes add on weight. Show off your good figure by pairing your stripes with some skin. See how Kyle's top has an excellent open neckline? It totally makes the whole look seem fresh. In fact, my eye immediately went to her face before her top.

DON'T: Wear wide stripes: When it comes to wearing thicker stripes (I'd say 3 inches or so), do a double-take. The last thing a woman wants is an awkward stripe accentuating that muffin top she pretends doesn't exist.

DO: Pair a striped shirt with clean, simple accessories: Kyle's look is great because she keeps the pants, boots, and accessories simple. If your striped top is the statement piece, don't take away from it.

Are you a fan of horizontal stripes? What do you think of Kyle's look?


Image via Splash News

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