Kendall Jenner Shocks With Blond Hair

kendall jennerHearts across the country skipped a beat yesterday when Kendall Jenner tweeted a photo of her new hairdo. Perhaps inspired by Miley Cyrus' and Demi Lovato's new looks, the eldest daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner decided to go blond. It was out with her long, flowing, shiny brown locks and in with a blunt, honey-blond style. Everyone was so confused. No one was quite sure how to handle this hair-tastrophe. How could she, we wondered.

You'd think Kendall would've learned from her older sister's  mistake -- Khloe Kardashian went blond a few years back, and it was ... not that awesome. But teens will be teens, I guess. Always experimenting, always pushing boundaries, always ... playing pranks.


Soon after Kendall tweeted her new look, she followed it up with a message that said "Don't worry! Still a brunette! #fooledyou #sillyme".

Oh, Kendall. You dog, you.

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Thankfully, the 16-year-old model was smart enough to leave well enough alone and didn't actually take any dye to her hair. Kendall's been blessed with a gorgeous mane, just like all her sisters (seriously, what does Kris Jenner eat to produced kids with hair like that?) and dyeing it would've been a big mistake.

As teens, many of us went through the hair experimentation phase. I, for one, got some regrettable blond highlights, then when I tried to dye it back to brown, it turned green. Good times. My sister went red there for a hot second and my other sister dyed hers black -- teens and hair dye are a timeless, and tireless, combination.

Kendall seems smarter than all of us, though. She got rid of some angst and showed her independence with her hair, but she used a wig. Excellent thinking. Pop that on whenever you like, my dear, just don't break out the bleach. You'll regret it, I'm sure. Just ask Khloe.

Did you dye your hair as a teen?


Photo via KendallJenner/Twitter

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