Michelle Obama Surprises White House Guests in Her Best Dress Yet (PHOTO)

Michelle ObamaCool=Taking a tour of the White House. Cooler=Taking a tour of the White House and having Michelle Obama -- and Bo -- make an impromptu cameo. The First Lady and First Dog gave tourists the surprise of their life when they dropped by without warning to say hello. Mrs. Obama was her kind and gracious FLOTUS-self, giving each guest a hug and even joking with some of the kids that there'd be a test on what they learned before they left.

And then there was her outfit. The gorgeous black and white Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that literally looked as if it was made for her -- and a pair of red pumps. Stunning. This is how MObama oughta look all the time.


The First Lady looks stylish in basically everything she puts on, but prints -- and wrap dresses -- are definitely her best look. Mrs. Obama is tall and has an athletic build -- fancy ball gowns and solid colors always look good on her, but more casual dresses and bolder color schemes seem to suit her better. She looks more comfortable in them. More appropriate. And that's a good thing, because they're so much more exciting than boring old solid color shift dresses, which is what most politician wives seem to gravitate towards. Especially when they're paired with bright red heels! Hats off to the First Lady of Style.

Check out the video of Mrs. Obama surprising White House tourists:


How fantastic does the First Lady look? And how cool is this surprise?


Image via WhiteHouse.gov

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