Michelle Williams' Bubble Gum Dress Hits a Sour Note

michelle williamsMichelle Williams could take home the Oscar for her performance in My Week With Marilyn at the Academy Awards next week. She was absolutely brilliant in the film and critics have been raving about how well she channeled the troubled 1960s starlet. And Michelle was in Paris yesterday for the French premiere of the flick and showed up on the red carpet in a pink Christian Dior ballgown fit with bows and silver flower embellishments. Even though Marilyn was a big fan of the Dior label, I don't think Michelle made the right choice here in selecting this dress. She looks .... eew.

It's almost as if she let daughter Matilda dress her as a Valentine's Day candy gram or something. From the stark red lips and nails to the bubble gum pink gown to the silver platform peep toes to the multi-layered train, it was a Cupid meets Barbie catastrophe.


And a fashion flop of these proportions is rare for Michelle. She's usually one of the best dressed people wherever she goes. And just two days earlier she looked absolutely stunning at the BAFTA awards in a ... wait for it ... H&M dress. I used to think Michelle could do no wrong, but now I know she's flawed just like the rest of us. Her pink gown was a mistake.

And what do we do with mistakes? We learn from them. The Academy Awards are February 26. I'm sure she already has a dress in mind, but if it has anything to do with a Valentine's theme or includes the red-pink color scheme and is adorned with fauna and bows ... I hope she nixes it. It's not cute.

What do you think of Michelle's gown?


Photo via Getty Images

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