5 Things We Didn’t Expect to See at New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham gets crazy during NYFW
Victoria Beckham gets crazy during NYFW
Fashion Week is coming to a close here in New York. And its impending denouement is giving us time to reflect on all the important things in life: Clothes, celebrities, and models. It's also giving us time to reflect on some of the unbelievably weird crap that's gone on during the week of shows. Seriously, something must have been in the air this year. Models were falling, people were dying. It was super bizarre, and unlike any other year before. So, check it. Here are five things we (totally) didn't expect to see at New York Fashion Week.


Matt Damon. Yeah, the actor. The 41-year-old treated his lovely wife, Luciana Barroso, to a fashionable Valentine's Day. The two snuck in to the Naeem Khan show at the last minute on Tuesday (of course, nabbing front row seats). Matt's not exactly known for being well-connected in the fashion industry -- or even into fashion at all. In fact, it was reportedly his first-ever fashion show. Maybe a gift to his lucky wife? Whatever the reason, it's kind of adorable.

Zelda Kaplan, women's activist and fashion icon, collapses -- and then dies -- while sitting in the front row. She's not exactly a household name, but in the world of fashion, she was irreplaceable. The 95-year-old Kaplan was found slumped over in her front row seat at the Joanna Mastroianni show Wednesday afternoon. She was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately died a short while later.

A model -- in a giant orange ball gown -- bit it. While sashaying down the runway at the Dennis Basso show, a lovely model lost her balance and fell down. She quickly regained her composure and finished her walk, but eek -- seriously embarrassing, and possibly career-damaging.

Victoria Beckham shows she actually has a sense of humor humour. Maybe it was the champagne or maybe she was just drunk on fashion, but the usually serious Beckham exposed her funny side when she jokingly posed for a photo -- where she's grabbing her husband's balls. Well, sort of. She's groping the private parts of her husband on a billboard. David posted the pic to his Facebook page with the caption: "So proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls."

A photographer is hit by an SUV. Bill Cunningham, renowned street fashion photographer, was hit by a car yesterday while shooting outside of the Reed Krakoff show. Thankfully, he's fine. In fact, word on the street is he got up and continued shooting!

Which is the most shocking moment to you?


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