Jessica Alba Proves Moms Are Still Sexy

jessica albaJessica Alba worked incredibly hard to shed her baby weight after welcoming her second daughter, Haven Garner, back in August -- and it's pretty evident that her sweat sessions in the gym paid off! The word "WOW" pretty much sums up her whole look, don't you think? (It's okay -- I'm a little bit jealous of her smokin' hot bod too.)

Jessica's choice of attire for an event at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York no doubt turned a few heads. And while the sleek, blue dress she wore is a tad bit on the revealing side, it definitely doesn't make her look trashy or cheap. Jessica totally pulled off a look that has just the right amount of sex appeal for a mom.


Just because we're moms doesn't mean we should be expected to put our "sexy" on the back burner. But at the same time, we are parents, and we don't want to be seen running around town in something that could potentially set a bad example for our kids. Sometimes it's tough to find a good balance between styles that show off our best assets, yet still leave something to the imagination.

Jessica's look for Fashion Week really struck the perfect chord. The dress plays up her amazingly svelte and toned figure without showing too much skin. And you can totally tell how confident and sexy she felt. Her attitude alone makes her stand out even more.

We can all take away a valuable fashion tip from Jessica's example: Don't be afraid to own your sexy side as a mom, but try to keep a certain element of mystery in what you wear. Because what you don't show can be even more attractive than what you do.

Do you think that Jessica's dress is too sexy for a mom to wear?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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