Even Meryl Streep's Wardrobe Malfunctions Are Classy (VIDEO)

meryl streep wardrobe malfunctionIt is a universally accepted fact that Meryl Streep is a goddess. She can do no wrong, even when something goes wrong. While accepting the BAFTA for Best Actress for her performance in Iron Lady, Ms. Streep suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Thankfully it wasn't your classic nip slip (how awkward would that have been) it was tamer than that, but still somewhat scaring nonetheless. It went something like this:


Meryl's shoe fell off as she started up the stage steps, then she pretended not to care and made a hand gesture that read something like, Oh ha ha ha! JUST LEAVE IT RIGHT THERE, then Colin Firth decided to save the shoe and the day and retrieved Meryl's not-so-glass slipper, caught up with her at the podium, and knelt down to adorn her bare foot with something she thought she'd lost forever.

I'm sure Meryl has had her fair share of Cinderella moments throughout her life and career, but none quite like this.

Watch the whole scene go down and keep an eye out for Tilda Swinton -- she actually smiled! And looked human!

What's your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?


Photo via BBC/YouTube

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