Olay Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol: Does It Work?

OlayA few months ago, I tested out Olay Professional's Pro-X Clear Acne Protocol for my personal blog.

The system is designed for adult women who still suffer from the occasional blemish or six (I would think that's most of us), but don't want to resort to using harsh acne treatments designed for teenage skin.

I was impressed with the Olay system right off the bat, but I didn't really have enough time to test its effectiveness over the long-haul.

Well now, I've been using it for several months, and I thought it was worth a post on here on The Stir, because I can unequivocally give you my opinion on whether this system is worth its $34.29-at-Walgreens price tag ...


OMG, absolutely!!

I realized just yesterday that since I started using the Olay products, I haven't had a SINGLE breakout. It's been MONTHS -- and the reason that I agreed to the review program in the first place was that I had been having one or two acne flare-ups a month. It would just be one zit, but it would be a BIG zit that was difficult to cover and took weeks to fully disappear.

Well now, those days are over. Thank God. There's something really awful about walking around with a big, red zit at the ripe old age of 36.

It just ain't right.

What I love (and use) most about this system is the Complexion Renewing Lotion, which is extremely light, gel-like, and non-greasy. My skin, sadly, is aging now that I'm in my mid-30s, so I can't go without moisturizer. But I think moisturizers, even the lightest ones I could find, were what were causing the breakouts. This particular moisturizer does not. I use it every morning and every night, and add a little intensive eye cream as well. Perfect!

I should also add that as a beauty blogger, I have had the opportunity to try out many, many, MANY skin care systems, some costing hundreds of dollars. I can't even believe myself that my absolute favorite one is available at the drugstore!

Who knew?!

I was also heartened to see when I looked up product information about the line that it's gotten tons of fabulous reviews from users ranging from Walgreens to Amazon.

Bottom line? I'm going to buy a replacement box tomorrow -- and if you're like me and have occasional blemishes, you might want to consider trying it out as well.

In the meantime ...

What's your favorite skincare line -- and how do you keep breakouts at bay?


Image via Walgreens

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