Kelly Ripa Should Have Known Her 'Nipples' Were Showing (VIDEO)

Kelly Ripa Miracle DressIt isn't often that Kelly Ripa commits a fashion faux pas, but this week on Live! With Kelly, she did just that. And her gaffe didn't just offend her loyal viewers, it downright angered them. They love them some perky blonde goodness, but for the love of God, they don't want to see her nipples.

Here's what happened: Kelly was wearing a form-fitting dress by Stella McCartney called "The Miracle Dress." (You may have seen it on Kate Winslet before.) The purpose of the dress is to give women of all sizes a lovely, hourglass shape, and make you look all around fantastic. Part of the miracle of the dress, though, is the darts which are sewn inside, holding everything in place. AKA, Kelly's nipples.

It was a silly misunderstanding, and I think the people who wrote in outraged ought to find themselves a hobby, but that said -- didn't anyone look at Kelly before the show and say, "Something's not quite right"?


The darts really do look like nipples. They stop right where nipples would be! Not sure if people didn't say anything backstage because they thought they were Kelly's actual nipples, but come on, wasn't there at least a mirror handy? And isn't it, like, the job of the wardrobe department to be on nipple patrol?

As far as fashion faux pas go, I'd say this was a minor one -- and it certainly helped that Kelly was able to address the issue on air (and with a sense of humor -- "Everybody knows I had my nipples removed years ago"). But maybe next time do a once-over in the mirror before rushing off to stage. Think of it as a requisite nipple check.

Check out the video of Kelly in her Miracle Dress:


What do you think of Kelly's dress?


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