Kim Kardashian & Britney Spears' Dueling Cleavage Is a Sight to Behold (PHOTO)

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kim kardashian britney spearsBritney Spears and Kim Kardashian may have different skill sets (one's a singer and one's a ... TV personality? What are we calling Kim these days, even?), but they both know what to do to get attention: cleavage. And I mean clah HEE, veh hedge. The famous pair joined up at Clive Davis' Grammy pre-party earlier this week and evidently rocked out with their boobs out. Britney in a plunging black Herve Leger dress and Kim in an even more plunging slash lifting Antonio Berardi navy gown, the two ladies were a sight to boob hold. Behold! 

They couldn't have looked any hooter hotter even if they tried. And I know what you're thinking: But come on, Britney doesn't look that awesome. And while I agree, I think we have to cut her some slack here. No matter how awful we think Kim "Ket's Ket a Kivorce" Kardashian is, she's still one beautiful woman. Stunning. Anyone standing next to her will look horrendous.

And if you happen to be photographed next to the ex Mrs. Humphries after you've had 10 years of constant pressure to be famous/better/prettier, had two kids, had two breakdowns that involved terrible hairstyles and umbrellas, not to mention an ill-advised fling with a nasty paparazzo, you'd look pretty awful standing next to Kim, too.

HOWEVER. I know what you're saying. Poor Britney. I mean, she looks great by any other standard, but put her side by side with this woman, and ouch. Ouch-a-roos. This is the difference, looks-wise, between peaking as a young star, and peaking when you’re older. Kim hasn’t burnt out yet, Britney did years ago. And it shows.

Do you think Kim would lend Britney her hairstylist, or is he tied up in her basement somewhere, contractually obliged to only style the K krew? It's just that Britney is/was so HOT. And now she's starting to resemble Ke$ha in the worst way possible. Perhaps some Kardashian beauty team members would be able to fix her up a bit. As long as they went easy with the eyeliner, I think Brit could benefit from a Kardash makeover. At least she'd look ... cleaner. Butt padding would be optional, of course. Showering would not be.

What do you think of Britney and Kim's looks?


Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty

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nonmember avatar Ger

"Cleavage" the line created when breasts are pushed together. Britney is not displaying cleavage at all.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

A picture of me next to Kim K is a picture that would never see the outside of my camera!! Unlucky Brit. They're both beautiful, but Kim is a few notches above. Stunning.

stace... stacey541

Brittany looks like a regular, pretty mom/housewife. Kim K in this pic kinda looks like an Escort...

nv2507 nv2507

Britney has had two kids. And at least one mental breakdown. She's been at this since she was 11. Kim K wasn't famous until like 2 years ago.

Although, I think Britney needs to get a better hairstylist. Ken Paves or someone. And she's got to lose the blonde. It looks trashy half grown out.

2love 2love

Honestly brit looks fabulous. Kim k looks trashy. I mean seriouy why not drop the clevage to her belly button.

Michael Dauphin

Britney is an A List celeb, she has been on the road thousands of times touring, singing, dancing, working, promoting, radio shows, talk shows, has been on stage with Madonna and Michael Jackson, She is the top selling artist of the decade, had two children and is still selling out shows, its been almost 15 years of fame for Brit. Can someone remind me what Kim K has done? What is she famous for? What is her talent? Being a not so reality TV star? being pretty? I feel that the only reason why she is famous is b/c millions of girls who think they are pretty look up to her and think they could be famous for doing nothing too.

nonmember avatar Alex

At least Britney has talent and isn't only famous based on some awful s3x tape. Not to mention that Britney's fame is all hers, not due to a famous father or some created fictional fluff designed by her money-hungry mother.
Kim may be pretty, but Britney is too, in her own way. It's like comparing apples and oranges - both are fruit, just different kinds.

Also, Britney is a real, albeit flawed (who isn't?) human being. Kim is an over-styled, overly made- and tarted-up no-talent airhead whose only gift to the world is her being a breathing blow-up doll.

nonmember avatar H.Y.

I think Britney Spears is 10 times more beautiful than Kim will ever be. And besides, we all have days when we don't look very photogenic...

nonmember avatar Kelley

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