Miley Cyrus Beats Demi Lovato in Haircut Wars

miley cyrus demi lovato

It's Miley Cyrus, y'all, and she's done got herself a new hairdo. The actress/singer/whatever cut her hair about 5 inches a few months back, but earlier this week she decided to trim it up a bit and get more layers in the front. Very cute. Even though she didn't call me or tweet me or text me or ping me or woof me for my opinion before she took the shears to her locks, I approve. I support a stylish and short haircut if only because I don't have the balls to do it myself.

But Miley's not the only famous teen taking her new 'do to the Twitterverse. Troubled Disney star ... can we call her a troubled Disney star? OK, troubled Disney star Demi Lovato debuted her new look on the social media site a few hours before Miley did, which can only mean one thing: OMG it's a Twit Pic Hair Off.


Demi used to have reddish brown hair, now she's got long blonde locks. Miley used to have hair about an inch longer, now she doesn't. Oh, the drama.

So who wins? One point goes to Demi for beating Miley to the punch. She got her picture up a full 12 hours before Miley, so yeah, early worm gets the hair point. But Miley gets some props because her look is actually great. She looks fresh-faced and clean and like she smells like salon products. Demi ... doesn't. She looks like she smells like cigarettes and Listerine strips and burning.

So it's all tied up, one to one. We'll need a tie breaker. Hmm. Both use two exclamation points in their tweets, so that doesn't help, but Miley capitalizes nine letters in her tweet, and Demi only capitalizes a paltry seven. Winner: Miley. Fab "new" cut, girl.

Whose hair do you like best?


Photos via Miley Cyrus/Twitter and Demi Lovato/Twitter

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