Nicole Kidman's Mom Hair Makes Her More Lovable

Nicole KidmanI've long thought that Nicole Kidman's ice queen image has held her back as an actress and as a public figure.

She has always been perfectly coiffed and made up when out and about, and her personality has seemed to reflect that carefully manicured appearance.

And then she had kids with Keith Urban.

Now, Nicole seems to be loosening up -- and I for one am loving it!

For example, check out her messy mom hair after a flight to Sydney.

Can you relate to this 'do? I sure can!


I love everything about this look on Nicole, from the baby on one hip to the pieces falling haphazardly out of her updo to the messy "bump" it creates on the top of her head.

But there's one thing I love most of all ....

Nicole's wearing a clippie!!!


There's absolutely nothing stylish about clippies -- and yet, they're practically all I wore in my hair when my children were the same age as Nicole's kids. My clippies were all that kept my children from grabbing handfuls of my hair and yanking it right out of my head.

Somehow, the thought of Oscar-winning actress Nicole coming up with the same cheap-a$$ solution makes me ... happy!

Nicole really is sort of like us.

Okay, maybe that's going a bit far.

Still, this photo makes me like her more than I ever have before. For the first time, I can relate at least a little bit to America's favorite frosty actress.

How about you?

Image via Splash News

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