Get Kate Upton's Look -- Even If You Aren't a Swimsuit Model

Have you seen Kate Upton's sexy new Sports Illustrated cover? Wow. That girl certainly is a looker. But may I emphasize the word "girl." Kate may be smokin' hot and have a body that we all envy, but it's important to note that she is only 19 years old, which should make all of us 30- and 40-somethings feel a whole lot better about the fact that we may have seen the last of our bikini days. (She'll get hers a few years down the road after a couple of kids. Don't worry).

Let's be honest -- after jobs, marriages, pregnancies, and stretch marks, not to mention the toll trying to keep up with the kids takes on your body, landing on the cover of a magazine wearing a piece of clothing about the size of a handkerchief isn't a look that most of us will be striving for anytime soon.

But getting Upton's super hot look doesn't have to mean stripping down to your skivvies. There's actually an easy way to re-create her style -- when she's more covered up, that is!


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Kate wore this adorable halter dress for her appearance on Late Show With David Letterman (good grief -- she must have been freezing). Doesn't she give off the whole Marilyn Monroe vibe? Huh. I wonder if she realized that she could've had a true Marilyn moment by standing on that grate in the background of the photo instead of on the sidewalk?

While Kate's amazingly svelte figure certainly makes this dress look even better, it's a look that the majority of us can easily pull off. Halter styles are a great "go-to" fashion choice when you can't decide what to wear, because they tend to flatter all body types.

The frock Kate wore was likely a little bit pricey, but there are a few more budget-friendly options out there that will help you get a similar look.

Amazon actually has a dress that's almost identical to Kate's and is currently on sale for a mere $36.99. This way you can get her glam look but not feel like you're spending a fortune on a dress you'll probably only wear a couple of times.

Victoria's Secret also offers a similar dress, but the straps are a bit thinner. And because the top is padded, this version is a great choice for women who need a little more oomph in the bust area. It retails for $59.50.

And for those of you who love Kate's look but want something a little less flirty and a little more "grown-up," Zappos sells a gorgeous, long white halter dress made by Tommy Bahama that would be perfect for a dinner date with the hubby on your summer vacation this year. At $134, it's a little more expensive than the other two options, but c'mon -- you are definitely worth the splurge!

What is your favorite "go-to" style of dress?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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