22 Heart Tattoos That Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Feb 13, 2012 Beauty & Style

heart tattoos

Is there anything more romantic than someone tattooing your name on their skin? Don't answer that if you detest tattoos. We think it's terrifically adorable. And yes, it could turn out to be a terrible idea if you break up. But you could always cover it up somehow. Still, for those not willing to add the letters, we will offer an alternative. And that's a heart. A simple or ornate heart. It's the perfect idea for a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie who loves ink.

Oh, the heart tattoo ... how we love thee. So sweet, symbolizing a love so pure (yes, we're being all sugary silly), and it can be placed just about anywhere, even amidst other tattoos.

Here, several other super cool heart tattoo ideas perfect for this warm and fuzzy time of year.


Images via Michele Zipp, Image via derekolivertattooing/Instagram; Image via amilliontattoo/Instagram