The Best & Worst Dressed Women of the Grammys (PHOTOS)

gwenyth paltrow grammys 2012I'm not gonna lie: I'm definitely more of an Oscar gal than a Grammy one, but one aspect of the music awards I always look forward to is the fashion. Grammy fashion is so much more fun, edgy, and loose than other-shows-handing-out-trophies-to-rich-people fashion. It's got a sense of humor, an overall air of bad-assness, and typically, a handful of major disasters.

This year, one special lady stood out among the rest in terms of fashion trainwrecks, though. This woman is lovely and talented and possesses all the qualities a good pop superstar should possess, but her outfit last night -- disastrous maximus.

Let's not start out with the worst dressed, though. Let's save that for last. First, let's discuss how amazing Gwyneth Paltrow looked. Sister clearly has never met a dumbbell she doesn't like.


Her dress is by pal Stella McCartney, and if you ask me, it couldn't be more perfect for the Grammys. It's fancy enough, as not to make a complete mockery of the awards, but it's still edgy and rock-n-roll. The cut-outs in the gown emphasize Gwynnie's logic-defying, Tracy Anderson-made body, and her face emphasizes some freaky Benjamin Button shit. Gwyneth's almost 40, yet she looks about 24 here -- and that's not easy to do with slicked-back hair. What has she been up to? I know she only eats wild mushroom stems hand-picked by faeries in the mountains of Tibet, but this can't solely be the result of that. Some sort of lasers, toxins, and needles had to have played a role in her plump, dewy, lineless face ... right? Whatever, she looks amazing.

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Okay, now on to the worst-dressed: Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Grammys 2012

Come on. I know it's the Grammys and Lady Gaga's meat dress has set the bar for pop stars high, but what is this crap? It looks like a costume. And not even a good one. One you get the night before Halloween out of a bag at CVS. In addition to being heinous, it's all wrinkled and it looks like it's two sizes too big. I get that Minaj was trying to be weird and artsy and anti-establishment in this thing, but at least take a steamer to it, for God's sake. And wipe that scowl off your face, girl. You're at the Grammys. Have fun. And nobody's taking you serious in that Little Red Riding Hood thing.

Who did you think was the best and worst dressed last night?


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