Taylor Swift Looks Awesome, Then Terrible, at the Grammys

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is such a tease. She took us on a fashion roller coaster ride last night at the Grammy Awards that had some extreme highs, and extreme lows. She started off the evening looking absolutely stunning on the Grammy red carpet. In a champagne Zuhair Murad gown, swept back hair, and minimalistic jewelry, Taylor was the epitome of timeless elegance. We'd mostly only seen her in sparkly prom dresses before this look, and it was such a nice change to see her in something regal and, well, adult.

And then. Then! Then. Thenthenthenthenthen. Things took a turn for the worse when it came time for her performance outfit.


In a hee-haw dress and messy side-braid, Taylor took to the stage to perform on what appeared to be a Les Miserables set with a bluegrass band and an electric banjo. She sang "Mean" and she sounded great and surprise, Taylor! Everyone loved it! But you have to wonder who was behind her ensemble selection.

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Because, I mean, it was a saboteur, right? Somewhere in the wings an evil stylist was laughing about the fact that poor Taylor was on stage in front of millions of people in a calf-length brown burlap sack that was purchased on sale at Urban Outfitters. In a word: yuck.

I'm just going to try and forget her post-apocalyptic country sale-rack look and focus instead on her fantastic red carpet dress. It fit her like a glove and did justice to every square-inch of her body. It wasn't too sparkly, it wasn't too young or too old, it was just right. Now if only all her looks were as successful ...

What do you think of Taylor's red carpet dress?


Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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