Adele's Grammys Style Inspires Us to Love Our Looks

Wow. Did Adele clean up last night as far as Grammy winners go or what? She wound up taking home six awards for her incredible voice -- not that any of us were surprised. I mean, Adele is really kind of in a class by herself when it comes to talent. Bottom line: That girl can SING.

But aside from her incredible set of pipes, Adele is loved by millions because she is just so down-to-earth and real. People appreciate and admire her for the fact that she has a God-given talent -- and because being a size 2 is not something she's even remotely concerned with. Adele accepts herself for who she is, which is something that more of us really need to learn how to do.


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You gotta love what Adele recently said to Anderson Cooper about her body:

I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don't want to do it and I don't want people confusing what it is that I'm about.

Can I get a huge round of applause for a gal who totally has her priorities straight? Happiness and success don't have anything to do with the size of your dress, and Adele knows that. So why can't more of us get on board with her philosophy?

Adele may not be a "skinny mini," but she knows how to dress to play up her other gorgeous features. She sparkled in that black gown at the Grammys, and it was the perfect fashion choice to accompany her amazing voice. It's common knowledge that black is a slimming color, but wearing all black was flattering to her figure, highlighted her gorgeous skin and hair, and showed off her perfect red pout. The dress immediately drew the eye to Adele's face, and honestly, how can you even focus on anything else when she sings? She's mesmerizing!

After her performance last night, I turned to my husband and said, "Adele is just SO pretty." And he totally agreed.

And while her peaches-and-cream complexion, beautiful strawberry-hued tresses, and flawless facial features definitely contribute to her looks, it's her undeniable confidence that makes her so sexy.

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It doesn't matter how skinny you are or how tiny your dress size is. If you don't feel good about yourself on the inside, then you are never going to be able to project beauty and confidence on the outside. We can all take a few cues from Adele to start loving and accepting ourselves the way we are instead of measuring our beauty and self-worth against the size label on a dress. Besides, you're the only one who sees that stupid label anyway!

What did you think of Adele's look at the Grammys?


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