I Did the Matchy With My Husband in Public! (VIDEO)

Lindsay Ferrier I'll Take That DareNot so long ago, a post was written on this blog that caused a bit of a stir. (Heh.)

"Couples Who Dress Alike Are Fashion Killers," the headline trumpeted. A heated debate over the truth of that statement ensued in the comments, and BOOM.

I had a new style dare.

Yes, readers, I took that dare and dressed like my husband for a day.

Want to see what people thought of our matchy-matchy look?

Click through to see the hilarious video!


My husband was leery of taking this dare with me, but in the end, we both had a fantastic time. It helps that after being married for 10 years, we really are sort of like twins on the inside. We do everything together and like almost all the same things (fashion being the exception!).

Hubs even wears this shirt now -- but not when I'm wearing it, and definitely not with the hat! The hats have made their way to my children's dress-up box, along with pretty much every other costume I used for episodes of I'll Take That Dare!

So! Now that you've seen my husband and me dress alike and live to tell the tale, tell me ...

Would you and your husband/boyfriend/partner dress alike?



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